The Company

Tulk Residents Management Company

Tulk House is owned by the residents' management company called Tulk Residents Management Company Ltd.  The company was incorporated in July 1983 with the sole purpose to oversee the management of the property.  Each Flat has an equal share in the company.  The day-to-day management is exercised by a Committee made up of residents.  Members of the Committee serve on an honorary basis and receive no salary or fee for their services. The AGM is held in November of each year. 

Company number 01737025
Registered office address: Unit C3, Fairoaks Airport, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8HU

The Current Directors

The current Directors of Tulk House Residents Management Company Limited are:

Ryan Mooney (Chairman)
Steve Sellers (Treasurer)
Sandy Goldblatt
Marlene Bacarese-Hamilton

Also attending company meetings is:
Simon Wilcox (ex officio) in support of building maintenance

Correct as of November 2017
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