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Tulk House is situated in some 9 acres of land in the Ottershaw Park Estate, the history of which dates back to 1761. The building was originally constructed as part of Ottershaw College, founded in 1948. As the school prospered the number of pupils had outgrown their original accommodation in The Mansion and therefore it was decided to erect separate dormitory accommodation. Tulk House was built in two parts, the original construction completed in 1952 being called West House. This was substantially extended in 1961 by a connecting block of similar design.    

Ottershaw College continued until financial restraints forced its closure in 1980. The buildings of The Mansion and Tulk House were purchased by developers Delta Home and converted to the present residential accommodation in 1982. The building was then re-named Tulk House after Peter Tulk, the first governor of Ottershaw College.  

The property is owned by the residents' management company and the day-to-day management is exercised by a Committee of Management. One of their number is elected Chairman.  The AGM is held in November of each year. Members of the Committee serve on an honorary basis and receive no salary or fee for their services.
Visiting Tulk House?
Visitors Parking can be found at the front of Tulk House.  Turn left at the bottom of the drive and you will see the parking available on the left hand side.  

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Tulk Residents Management Co. Ltd
c/o Flat 12, Tuk House, Ottershaw Park
Ottershaw, Surrey, KT16 0QG
e: committee@tulkhouse.co.uk
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